Vladimir Petrov Memorial

Latvian Chess federation and Grandmaster Alexei Shirov have a pleasure to announce the Vladimir Petrov memorial. The aim of the tournament is to pay the tribute to one of the brightest representatives of Latvian Chess ever who tragically died in Soviet camps during the Second World War. The tournament will be supported by the family of Vladimir Petrov among others. The Vladimir Petrov Memorial replaces previously announced but unfortunately cancelled the Tal Memorial and the event keeps all the original terms – the schedule, the venue, the prize fund and the invited players. The tournament will be held in Jurmala, Latvia, from Feb. 15 (arrival) to Feb. 20 (departure), 2012. The exact venues of the separate tournaments have been changed and the festival will be held in two districts of the Jurmala city, namely Jaunkemeri and Majori.

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Regulations in English
Regulations in Russian (Положение)
Regulations in Latvian

The event will include the following tournaments:

Tournament A: Feb. 16-17 (qualifier) and Feb. 18-19 (final). The final will be held Amber Beach Resort in Jaunkemeri. It will feature 8 players: four Super GMs by invitation and the top four from the qualifier. As of now there are four confirmed Super GMs:
Vassily Ivanchuk (Ukraine),
Alexander Morozevich (Russia),
Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (Azerbajan) and
Alexei Shirov who as of Jan 1, 2012 will be representing Latvia.
The time control is 15 minutes plus 6 seconds per move.

Prizes for the final are: 1st: €1250, 2nd: €825, 3rd: €600, 4th: €400, 5th: €300, 6th: €250 7th €225, 8th €200, for the total of €4050.

The preliminary tournament (9 rounds; Swiss system; time control 15 minutes plus 6 seconds per move)  will be held in Jurmala City museum.  It is open to all who pay the entry fee. Entry fees are also payable in Euros.
With a rating below 1951: 30 Lats (€43)
1951-2100: 25 Lats (€36)
2101-2200: 20 Lats (€29)
2201-2250: 15 Lats (€21)
2251 and up: 10 Lats (€14)

Women and players under age 18 or over age 55 pay 70% of the regular entry fee. Players rated 2500 and up (2300 and up for women), GMs, and IMs over age 55 play for free.

The preliminary tournament is expected to feature 16 high level Grandmasters including 8 players with the rating 2600+. The full list of participants can be found on the page www.chess-results.com and it will be constantly updated.

The prizes for the preliminary tournament are: 1st: €750, 2nd: €500, 3rd: €400, 4th: €350 5th: €300, 6th: €250, 7th: €200, 8th: €150, 9th: €120, 10th: €100, 11th: €80, 12-16th: €70.

Special prizes by nomination include: best result for women, juniors born no later than 1992, and players rated below 2250: €50 for each category. There are also two prizes for players rated 2251-2500: 1th: €60,  2nd: €40. Prizes are not divided, each player can only receive one prize. The total prize fund for the preliminary tournament is €3850.

Tournament B is reserved for players rated below 2251. Games will be played Feb. 16-17. Time control is 15 minutes plus 6 seconds per move; Swiss system; 9 rounds. The prize fund will be 80% of all entry fees. The entry fee is 10 Lats. Women and players over age 55 pay 7 Lats. Will be held in Jurmala City museum (29 Tirgnu street).

Schedule of A (qualifier) and B tournament:

On 16th of February 2012
Registration 16:00-17:00
1st round 17.30 – 18.15
2nd round 18.30 – 19.15
3rd round 19.30 – 20.15

On 17th of February 2012
4th round 10.30 -11.15
5th round 11.30 – 12.15
6th round 12.30 -13.15
7th round 14.30 – 15.15
8th round 15.30 – 16.15
9th round 16.30 – 17.15

Closing ceremony at 17.45

The Team Blitz tournament (teams of 4) will be held on Feb. 18 celebrating the 20 year anniversary of the historic 5th place result of the Latvian Team at the 1992 Olympics in Manila. Anyone can play in the tournament except players advancing to the Tournament A finals. The entry fee is 5 Lats. Women and players under age 18 and over age 55 pay 3 Lats. GMs, IMs over age 55, players rated 2500 and up (2300 and up for women) play for free. The prize fund is 80% of all entry fees. Participants form their own teams and choose their own team names. The average rating for any team may not exceed 2451.

The Blitz Tournament will be held Feb. 19 at 16:30 in memory of GM Vladimir Petrov and celebrating the 75th anniversary of the historic ‘Kemeri 1937’ tournament. The tournament is supported by the family of Vladimir Petrov. The time control is 3 minutes plus 3 seconds for each move starting with the first move; 12 rounds. Prize fund: 100 Lats plus 100% of all entry fees. The entry fee is 4 lats. Women and players under age 18 and over age 55 pay 3 Lats. GMs, IMs over age 55, players rated above 2500 (2300 for women) play for free. The Blitz Tournament is expected to feature GM Alexei Shirov.

Also simuls of players with the rating over 2600 against players of the rating below 2150 are planned. Minimum 12 and maximum 16 boards in each simul. Participation fee is 7 lats (10 Euros), the participant who doesn’t lose his game gets back half of the paid fee.

The team blitz and the simuls will take place in Kauguri district of Jurmala, in Kauguri house of Culture and Kauguri chess Club, not far from „The Amber Beach resort” where the Tal memorial final will start later on the same day.

The organizers offer the accomodation for players and guests in the following hotels (it will be constatnly updated as more hotels collaborate with us):

1. Hotel Eiropa, Majori (500 meters from Jurmala City museum) All prices include breakfast, VAT and free WIFI
Budget double rooms – 30 Euro per day
Comfort double rooms – 35 Euro per day
Junior Suits – 40 Euro per day
Budget Suits (possible for 3 persons) – 45 Euro per day
Business Suits (possible for 3 persons) – 70 Euro per day
Superior Suit (possible for 4 persons) – 140 Euro per day

The number of rooms available is limited due to the fact that the grandmasters playing the qualifying event will be accomodated there.

2. Se La Vie hotel
A very small luxurious hotel situated on famous Jomas street some 300 meters from Jurmala City museum. It has 2 rooms for 60 Euros, 4 rooms for 70 Euros and one room for 90 Euros per day. All 7 rooms are like suits.

3. Jurmala SPA hotel
Single standard                         35.00Ls
Twin standard                           40.00Ls
Twin superior                            48.00Ls
Twin superior for 3 persons        57.00Ls

All room rates include buffet breakfast and free admission to the “Wellness Oasis” centre (until 23 PM except departure day until 12 PM) that includes 5 saunas, 3 swimming pools, 2 Jacuzzi, cascade, gym.

4. The Amber Beach Resort

The venue of the final of Vladimir Petrov memorial (18th-19th of February) , children’s event „Alexei Shirov winter cup” on 15th-20th of February and the blitz tournament in memory of Vladimir Petrov on 19th of February. It is also the place where super GMs will be staying. The only inconvenience is that it is about 15 kilometres away from the qualifying event and the tournament B on 16th-17th of February however the transportation would be provided. The daily rates include accommodation, breakfast and half pension:
Single room: 35 Lats (€50);
Twin standart – 20 Lats (€29) per person;
Twin comfort – 22 Lats (€32) per person.
Full pension (breakfast, lunch and dinner) costs additional 2 Lats per day per person.
Any other accommodations and resort services are offered at a 10% discount from the official internet prices.

Registration requests should be directed to Alexei Shirov at alshirov(at)yahoo.es, telephone +37128345011 or Latvian Chess federation: executive director Egons Lavendelis at egons.lavendelis(at)rtu.lv, telephone +37129876891 or Board member, the chief arbiter of Vladimir Petrov memorial Alberts Cimins at alberts.cimins(at)inbox.lv, telephone +37128804664

All players registering after February 12 pay an addional late registration fee of 5 Lats.

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