Riga Technical University Open 2012

It is my pleasure to announce the second edition of International chess festival Riga Technical University Open. The festival will take place on August 6-12 at the main building of the Riga Technical University located in the heart of Riga – the Old Town – Kalku street 1. The first edition of the festival gathered 138 participants from 17 countries, including very respectful masters and grandmasters. The biggest names of the festival were GM Alberto David, GM Jaan Ehlvest and GM Alexei Shirov who participated in blitz tournament. The format of the first festival proved to be good, it will be kept for the second edition. Two main ELO tournaments and an additional blitz tournament will be organized. The only change is that the Tournament A will be extended by 1 day to make the schedule easier. It will allow to add cultural program to the festival. The aim of the 2012 edition is not only to increase the number of participants, but also to make the tournament stronger. Thus both the prize fund and the number of invited grandmasters will be increased.  The total prize fund of the festival is increased and is planned to be 5850 LVL (8300 EUR).

On behalf of the organizers I would like to invite all chess players to participate in the Riga Technical University Open and all together develop the biggest tournament of classical chess in Latvia! Hope to see you in Riga!
Tournament director,
Egons Lavendelis

Information in Latvian
Regulations in Russian (Положение)
Hotel information
Application form
List of participants Tournament A
List of participants Tournament B

August 6-12. Tournament A – Grandmaster tournament
ELO Tournament, 9 rounds, Swiss system with time control of 90 minutes + 30 seconds per move. The tournament should have GM, IM, WGM and WIM norms.

The guaranteed prize for the first place is 1000 LVL (1420 EUR). In case of at least 150 participants the prize fund is guaranteed to be 5100 LVL. Depending on the number of participants there will be 15-20 general prizes as well as special prizes for best juniors, seniors and women.

Good news for our guests: since 2012 there will be NO tax reduction from the prizes received by foreign players! All players will receive 100% of their prizes!

Entry fees:
GM, WGM, IM and WIM have free entry at the Tournament A
ELO > 2350                         20 LVL
ELO 2250 – 2349              25 LVL
ELO 2150 – 2249              30 LVL
ELO 2050 – 2149              35 LVL
ELO 1900 – 2049              50 LVL
ELO < 1900                          70 LVL
Without ELO                       100 LVL

1 LVL ~1,42 EUR

FMs, WFMs, juniors up to 18 years of age and seniors over 65 years of age have a 25% discount, this discount does not refer to additional charge for late registration. Discounts do not add up.

August 09-12. Tournament B – Amateur ELO Tournament for players with ELO < 2150 and Latvian rating <2250

A 7 round Swiss system ELO tournament with time control of 90 minutes + 30 seconds per move. It is open for participants with ELO rating up to 2150. The guaranteed prize for the first place is 100 LVL (140 EUR). Depending on the number of participants there will be 6-8 general prizes as well as special prizes for best juniors, seniors and women.

Entry fees
ELO 1800 – 2150                                      10 LVL
ELO <1800                                                   12 LVL
Without ELO                                               15 LVL

1 LVL ~1,42 EUR

August 12, 19:00 Tournament C – Open Blitz Tournament
Open Swiss system blitz tournament in 11 rounds with time control of 3 minutes +2 seconds per move. Entry fee is 3 LVL (GM, IM, WGM, WIM – free). The guaranteed prize for the first place is 50 LVL (70 EUR) . 3-6 prizes depending on the number of participants. GM Alexei Shirov has confirmed his participation in the blitz tournament!

More detailed information about the festival is available in the regulations (in Latvian, in English).

Entries for tournaments A and B should be sent before 15 of July either by e-mail: chess@rtu.lv by specifying your Name, ELO, Date of Birth, Countryand accommodation needed; or filling the application form available here. Additional charge of 5 LVL will be taken from participants whose entries will be received after the 15th of July.

Special hotel prices are available if hotels are booked through the organizers of the festival. The hotel offers are available in the regulations of the festival as well as published here. The hotels webpage will be kept up to date and will show available hotels at the moment.

Riga Airport is located 10km from the city center. Various budget companies (Latvian National airline airBaltic, Norvegian, Ryanair, Wizz Air) as well as prestigious companies (Lufthansa, SAS, Czech Airlines and others) currently offer flights to Riga from 85 different destinations. For further information check the website of the airport.
You can take bus No 22, or taxi to get to the city center from the airport. Additionally, shuttle bus can be organized upon the request by the organizers. Write an e-mail to chess@rtu.lv
if you are interested.


The tournament is organized by Riga Technical University and RTU Sports Club in cooperation with Latvian Chess Federation and Riga Chess Federation. Tournament Director is IO Egons Lavendelis. Chief arbiter of the festival is IA Alberts Cimins, chief arbiter of the Tournament A is Andra Cimina. The Organisers reserve the right to make necessary changes in these Regulations in case it doesn’t violate interests of participants.

Feel free to contact the organizers:
Phone: +371 29876891
+371 67089307

General sponsor of the festival: Riga Technical University

Sponsors of the tournament:


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